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This Book Has Helped Thousands of Trumpet Players of Every Level
Trumpet Tone Builders
(Interactive Digital E-Book) Trumpet exercises designed to take your sound to the next level and beyond! 

A must have method book for any student of the trumpet regardless of the level. 

Written by Matt Brockman with the techniques that he personally used to develop his unique style after studying with hundreds of the world's greatest trumpet players.

A first of its kind revolutionary Digital Method Book with clickable video links to support the written content.
What You Are Going to Get:
  • 100 Pages of Valuable Content
  • ​Out-of-the-box method to develop your sound
  • Flexibility training methods
  • Long tone studies
  • Interviews with some of the best trumpet players in the world
  • ​Detailed explanations on trumpet sound production
  • ​Dark vs. Bright sound method
  • Lifetime of knowledge to develop your ability on the trumpet
  • Articulation exercises
  • Major scale exercises designed specifically with developing a great trumpet sound in mind
  • Embouchure workouts
  • Lip bending studies
  • High range builder
  • ​Lead trumpet methods
  • Lip Slur exercises
  • Mouthpiece studies
  • Detailed explanations on advanced concepts 
  • Practice tips
  • ​How to play consistently and relaxed using less air
  • ​Proper breathing and breath control method
  • Easy Access to videos that support the content in the book
Topics discussed include practice tips, how to develop your sound, articulation, low and high range, breathing, posture, flexibility, mouthpiece buzzing, endurance, consistency, tongue placement and more.

So...why this book?

So there's a lot of different trumpet method books out there, and you probably already have a lot of them...

And you may be wondering...why do I need another one?...

I totally get it...

So here's what Trumpet Tone Builders will offer you that makes it different from all of the other books that you probably already have...

Most method books are very exercise focused; they will give you pages and pages of exercises with not much explanation on how to play them as efficiently as possible. There might be a short paragraph on the page before, but that's about it...

Trumpet Tone Builders does the opposite. 

This book has extremely detailed explanations on how to create the best sound possible on the instrument. I made it my mission so that after you read this book, you should never have a question on how create a beautiful sound on the trumpet ever again.

There's also many cutting-edge concepts that aren't talked about in most other trumpet methods. So if you're still struggling to play with a great, consistent sound and you're frustrated because everything you tried isn't working, this may be the perfect book for you

Thousands of Copies Sold
This is a collection of methods that will vastly improve your ability regardless of your level. 
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Matt Brockman
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